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Buy Fine Art Reproductions are specialists in exceptional quality, hand painted reproductions of classic artworks and original commissions.

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Reproduction Old Masters

Van Gogh Reproductions, reproduction old masters

Oil Painting Portraits

Hand painted portraits, oil painting portraits

Fun Oil Paintings


An example of our hand painted reproductions

Painting Reproductions, two examples

Reproduction Old Masters

Buying  reproduction oil paintings from Buy Fine Art Reproductions, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that you will be proud of the painting you receive because we will not ship reproduction oil paintings that we are not completely proud of.  Our artists have worked for years producing museum quality reproduction old masters & each painting is a unique masterpiece in its own right, shipped stretched & ready to hang.  We offer free shipping which means our paintings represent a considerable saving over similar websites; ultimately we believe we will save our customers money by offering beautifully finished reproduction oil paintings rather than passing on the expense of stretching the painting.  Our artists take great care to ensure that they produce a fantastic likeness of the artworks, working together to achieve a finished product that will provide satisfaction for years to come.

Oil Painting Portraits

There is an inherent difference between enlarged photographic prints & oil painting portraits produced from those same photographs.  Every artist will introduce idiosyncrasies & elements of "truing & fairing" to a painting, these elements will often elevate an image beyond the realms of photography.  Oil painting portraits also achieve a level of permanence that transcends that of photography, lasting hundreds of years with only slight deterioration, thus providing an heirloom that your family can cherish for years to come.  Our artists produce hand painted portraits, which are exact likenesses of almost any photograph, but not only that, they can go a step further & produce a painting from your photograph in the style of any artist.  Want to create an entire family portrait gallery in the style of Van Gogh reproductions?  Our artists could lovingly craft imagined hand painted portraits of your ancestors.  It doesn't stop at portraiture; pets, cars & homes could also be immortalized?  All of our oil painting portraits & reproduction oil paintings are shipped stretched,  ready to hang , we're confident that they will take pride of place in your home.  To start the process, click on the "upload your image for quotation" tab, upload your image along with any instructions or comments; we will get in touch with you within 24 hours with a quotation.

Fun Oil Paintings...

Mona Lisa is lovely but not a patch on your wife?  Laughing Cavalier is handsome but looks feeble next to your husband?  Leonardo was not renowned for fun portraits and art history isn’t full of fun paintings.  Why not fix that & put your loved ones into those fine art reproductions?  Provide us with photographs & let us know which masterpiece you would like to see reworked & our artists will produce perfect hand painted portraits; fun oil paintings so good you will forget what the Mona Lisa looked like before it featured your wife's likeness!